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LATEST NEWS: The Education section of The Age has been our home for the last 7+ years, our platform for promoting beautiful mathematics and battling foolish mathematics. Alas, the fools have had a victory and that home is no more. Consequently, and as foreshadowed in a recent column, the Maths Masters have relocated to the Moon, where they're preparing a Moon edition of their column. The Earth edition is currently on hold, however watch this space for further developments.

A new mathematical movie clip at the start of every week.

Our book Maths Goes to the Movies is out.

Maths Masters at your school! (flyer, 650 KB)

This website is a collection of fun mathematical resources that we've developed in recent years. We make the material publicly available in the hope that others may find it useful. We're also available for presentations, lectures, and anything mathematical and fun. Send us an email or give Marty a call on 0434332709.

Our books... on beautiful proofs, maths in the movies, ambigrams, lacing your shoes, mathematical juggling, etc.

QEDcat on TV! An account of our experiences consulting for an episode of City Homicide. Also, don't miss the detailed look at some of the maths that appears in the backgrounds throughout the movie.

In the media. Every once in a while you can see us in action in newspapers, on radio or on TV (under construction).

An online course on Measure Theory. Video recordings of all the lectures that Marty gave at the 2006 AMSI summer school hosted by RMIT university.

Finite geometries. Some pages featuring pictures and movies of finite geometries. A blast from Burkard's past.

Some mathematical 3D printer models. Shapes of constant width, finite geometries, etc.

Public Lectures. Fourteen years of our very best lectures. Find out what you have missed and what you can look forward to!

The Mathematical Movie Database. A companion webpage to our book Math goes to the movies. In essence this is a list of hundreds of movies containing mathematics plus transcripts of mathematical dialogue found in many of these movies.

Some of our maths articles on how to stabilise wobbly tables, lace your shoes in an optimal way, kick the perfect conversion in rugby, ..., and other irrational thoughts.

Maths Education and other nonsense. Some of our articles on Australian mathematics education and the like.

Mathsnacks Posters. From 2004 to 2009, the printed version of Mathsnacks lived on the backpages of Vinculum, the quarterly journal for maths teachers, published by the Mathematical Association of Victoria. You can now download six years of Mathsnacks, very suitable for printing and postering!

Maths Masters in The Age. Our column in the education section of The Age here in Melbourne from 2007 to 2014. The material in this section is currently offline.

Function. We've created a temporary home for Function, a mathematics magazine that was published by Monash University's Mathematics Department from 1977 to 2004.

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